Peruvian export of gold and copper in July fell by 40% and 7%, respectively

Peruvian National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) announced that in July of this year, the total volume of Peruvian goods exported decreased 13.1% compared to the same month last year, due to lower shipments of traditional (-13.4%) and non-traditional (-12.5%) products.

The exported volume of traditional products decreased 13.4% due to lower shipments of copper (-7.3%), gold (-40.1%), zinc (-30.6%), lead (-15.4%) and petroleum derivatives (-59.1%).

The INEI reported that the export volume of non-traditional products decreased 12.5%. Among the activities that most affected the result were the iron and steel sector (-31.1%), chemical (-14.8%) and non-metallic mining (-31.3%).

Among the products that had the lowest export volume were unalloyed zinc (-30), natural calcium phosphate (-25.6%), refined copper wire with a cross section greater than 6 mm (-43.9%), sulfuric acid (-73.8%) and iron bar or unalloyed steel with notches and beads (-62.4%).

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