Talisker Intersects 102 g/t Au at Bralorne Gold Project

Toronto, Ontario, September 8, 2020 – Talisker Resources Ltd. (“Talisker” or the “Company”) (CSE:TSK) (OTCQB:TSKFF) is pleased to announce results from holes SB-2020-008, SB-2020-008W1, and SB-2020-009, as well as partial results from an additional four holes from the Company’s 17,000m drill program at the Bralorne Gold Project located in British Columbia.
Partial holes highlights include:
 SB-2020-015 – Bralorne Area12.70 g/t Au over 1.3m from 150.70m to 152.00m in the Charlotte ZoneWithin a broader zone of 9.94 g/t over 4.00m from 149.20m to 153.20m102 g/t Au over 0.50m from 466.10m to 466.60m at the 55 VeinWithin a 30.98 g/t over 1.7m from 465.60m to 467.30m8.64 g/t Au over 1.80m from 665.15m to 666.95m at the 53 VeinSB-2020-012 – Bralorne Area14.76 g/t Au over 1.00m from 701.50m to 702.50m at the 71 VeinSB-2020-013 – Bralorne Area7.67 g/t Au over 0.60m from 153.90m to 154.50m at the Empire ZoneWithin a broader zone of 1.70 g/t over 6.85m   
Complete hole highlights include:
 SB-2020-008 – Bralorne Area6.83 g/t Au over 1.50m from 763.50m to 765.00m at the 53 FW VeinSB-2020-009 – Bralorne Area 4.52 g/t Au over 6.15m from 211.00m to 217.15m in a New ZoneIncluding 4.88 g/t over 0.75m from 211.00m to 211.75mAnd 5.69 g/t over 0.90m from 212.50m to 213.40mAnd 4.86 g/t over 0.50m from 213.40m to 213.90mAnd 5.56 g/t over 0.60m from 214.40m to 215.00mAnd 6.35 g/t over 0.50m from 216.65m to 217.15m6.73 g/t Au over 0.85m from 610.45m to 611.30m at the 55 HW Vein 
Terry Harbort, President and CEO of Talisker commented, “These results, again highlight the high-grade nature of the Bralorne deposit and demonstrate the location of these high grades within broader mineralised envelopes. With the installation of our automated core saw at site we have increased our sample production rate and will be releasing the remaining results of these holes and the newly completed holes shortly.”
Full details including drill maps are available on the Company’s website at www.taliskerresources.com.   The Company will be hosting a webinar to discuss the results the week of September 14th.   Further details will be provided when the webinar is scheduled.
SB-2020-015 targeted the 55 Vein intersecting a 0.50m vein grading 102.00 g/t Au from 466.10m to 466.60m. This structure is flanked by heavily altered wall-rock which produced 0.61 g/t over 0.50m in the hanging wall and 1.96 g/t over 0.70m in the footwall. At the 53 Vein target 19.95 g/t over 0.65m was encountered and followed by 2.10 g/t over 0.60m in a consecutive sample (two samples located between 665.70m and 666.95m). From 670.00m to 672.00m the 53 FW Vein produced 5.1 g/t over 1.00m, 2.69 g/t over 0.50m, and 1.99 g/t over 0.50m between 670.00 and 672.00m depth.
SB-2020-015 encountered a large mineralized zone (The Charlotte Zone) from 138.00m to 158.20m defining a composite grade of 4.04 g/t Au over 20.20m with a high-grade core of 12.7 g/t Au over 1.3 m. This zone correlates with a similar broad mineralized zone encountered in SB-2020-009 (4.52 g/t over 6.15m) 145m away. In addition, the zone correlates with similar mineralisation intercepted in SB-2020-011A which produced 1.34 g/t Au over 7.25 m from 290.00m to 297.25m 190m away, giving a total traceable length between holes of 235m.
Hole SB-2020-008 targeted the 55 Vein but intersected a suspected drift in the 55 Vein position at 554.5m. The drift was crossed, and the hole continued to the target. A known stope was crossed at 756.1 to 757.3m. The 53 Vein target area yielded two consecutive samples of quartz vein yielding 6.75 g/t over 0.65 m and 6.89 g/t over 0.85m between 763.5 and 765.0m.
Hole SB-2020-008W1 is a wedge off of hole 8, to achieve at a shallower dip angle 337.55 m. This hole attempted to clear overtop of the intersected drift at 554.5m that was encountered in hole 8. At 547.1m the hole intersected a void measuring 4m across and was abandoned.
SB-2020-009 intersected an unanticipated New Zone at 208m which yielded 4.52 g/t over 6.15m. 9 samples of brecciated and sheared quartz yielded values greater than 3 g/t Au triggering over-limit screen metallic analysis. At the 55 HW Vein position a 0.85m quartz vein produced 6.73 g/t from 610.45 to 611.30m. At the 55 Vein target a banded vein with strong mariposite alteration yielded 2.99 g/t Au over 0.95m and 3.3 g/t Au over 1.0m in consecutive samples.
In SB-2020-010 only the top 300m have been assayed so far. No significant grades have been reported at this time.
SB-2020-011 deviated off course after collaring and was abandoned at 38.2m without intersecting any prospective zones. No assays we collected.
SB-2020-011A is the re-collar of hole 11. A new zone was intersected producing 1.34 g/t Au over 7.25m from 290.00m to 297.25m from assays up to 5.89 g/t over 0.50m. Hole 11A has received assays for the intervals 286.50m to 301.90m. The remainder of the assays are currently pending.
SB-2020-012 cut 14.76 g/t Au over 1m in two consecutive samples grading 1.33 g/t over 0.50m and 28.2 g/t over 0.50m in the 71 Vein. Just below this at the 51 Vein 3 consecutive samples produced 1.30 g/t Au over 0.80m, 1.03 g/t over 0.80m, and 2.71 g/t over 0.60m between 704.20 m and 706.40 m depth. SB-2020-012 has been assayed between 698.50m and 735.35m. The remainder of the assays are currently pending.
SB-2020-013 was drilled to intersect the close to surface structure cut by SB-2020-005A (19.97 g/t Au over 5.1m released June 9, 2020). From 153.25m to 154.50m two consecutive samples yielded 3.22 g/t over 0.65m and 7.67 g/t over 0.60m. These two samples sit within a larger zone (Empire Zone) that produced 1.70 g/t Au over 6.85m from 153.25m depth. Hole 13 has been assayed between 147.00m and 164.60m. The remainder of the assays are currently pending.
SB-2020-014 was drilled from the same pad as SB-2020-013. Full assays are still pending. No significant results have been received so far.
About Talisker Resources Ltd.
Talisker (taliskerresources.com) is a junior resource company involved in the exploration of gold projects in British Columbia, Canada. Talisker’s projects include the Bralorne Gold Project, an advanced stage project with significant exploration potential from a historical high-grade producing gold mine as well as its Spences Bridge Project where the Company holds ~85% of the emerging Spences Bridge Gold Belt and several other early stage Greenfields projects. With its properties comprising 291,339 hectares over 322 claims, six leases and 181 crown grant claims, Talisker is a dominant exploration player in the south-central British Columbia. The Company is well funded to advance its aggressive systematic exploration program at its projects.
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