Russian ARMZ Uranium Holding added significant In-Situ Leaching uranium resources to its Dalur mine in Russia

Geological exploration activities at the Dobrovolnoye uranium deposit in Trans-Ural region of Russia began in November 2019. The work was performed by JSC RUSBURMASH (a specialized company of the ARMZ Uranium Holding Company).

A total of 218 exploration wells were drilled in the field, which amounted to 117,093 linear meters. In the process of drilling, samples of underlying rocks (core) were taken and examined.

“The applied technique of drilling and subsequent abandonment of exploration wells allows not to violate the initial integrity of the geological massif and to minimize the impact on the environment. After completion, the wells are abandoned, and the territory is reclaimed, ”said Director General of JSC RUSBURMASH Dinis Ezhurov.

Based on the results of geological exploration, the boundaries of the ore body, the uranium content and the characteristics of the ores and ore-bearing rocks were identified.

The industrial value of the Dobrovolnoye deposit, as well as the efficiency and environmental safety of its development by in-situ leaching mining method were confirmed.

“The scale of the Dobrovolnoye field is comparable to the Dalmatovskoye field, which we have been developing since 1984. That is, the organization of production in the Zverinogolovsky region will create more than 300 new jobs and provide the nuclear industry with strategic metal for several decades. The deposit is of a strip type, the total length of uranium mineralization is about 18 km,” said Nikolay Poponin, General Director of JSC Dalur.

As a reminder, in September 2020, hydrogeological studies of the Dobrovolnoye field were completed. They made it possible to study the filtration properties of the ore-bearing strata and the salt composition of natural groundwater. Based on the results of experimental work, the hydrodynamic parameters of ore deposits were determined, and its hydrogeological model was formed. The studies performed have once again proved the isolation of the ore body from the overlying aquifers. Previously, this was confirmed by the Hydrogeological Expedition No. 30 of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Gidrospetsgeologiya”.

At present, JSC Dalur is starting the construction of a pilot site for in-situ leaching of uranium at the Dobrovolnoye deposit. The design documentation and the results of engineering surveys for these works received a positive conclusion from the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia No. 45-1-1-3-001048-2020.

In 2018-2019 based on the results of public hearings, local residents approved the plans of JSC Dalur to develop the Dobrovolnoye deposit.

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